Fatter Wads Framework

Wad Street
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Manage and rapidly grow your savings in 90 days without disrupting your current lifestyle.

This is what the course covers:

This is what you'll get:


Lifetime access to The Fatter Wads Framework online course, a proven step-by-step process for better understanding and managing your money.

Wealth Pattern Cheat Sheets to make it painless to implement the framework into your finances.


3 framework examples for low, mid, and high-income levels

Lifetime access to all updates and revisions of The Fatter Wads Framework

The Camel Back Method (Credit Restoration)

Secured CD Loan Hack (Credit Restoration)

Debt Elimination - Snowball Method + Tracker

Money Mentor Cheat Sheet: Where to find them, how to get them to mentor you

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Fatter Wads Framework

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